Salmon Burgers

I went to Manhattan for an appointment today on a day off, and stopped by the market on the way home to get some apples and pears. I needed a fuss free dinner idea that didn’t involve having to get any meat which I didn’t want to take on the train home. No problem, it’s … More Salmon Burgers

Black Bean Quinoa Burgers with Skillet Sweet Potato Fries

Crispy bean burgers that are slightly spicy, resting on toasted English muffins that have been spread with mayo. Sweet potatoes gracing your plate on the side in the form of the easiest sweet potato fries you will ever make. A simple green salad provides a crisp contrast for the meal. The bean burgers are filling … More Black Bean Quinoa Burgers with Skillet Sweet Potato Fries

Taco Bowl

This is my favorite guilty-pleasure on a Friday night. Because it is a bowl with a foundation of tortilla chips, you might think of it as junk food, but it’s not as sinful as may seem. Covering the chips is a modest layer of grated cheddar cheese, topped with a generous amount of beef and … More Taco Bowl

Ham and Cheese Penne

A creamy béchamel flavored with Parmesan cheese and black pepper sauces ham and peas in this penne pasta dish for one. Why it works This was one of those nights when I hadn’t set aside any protein to defrost and had mainly pantry ingredients available to throw together a quick dinner. It was ham to … More Ham and Cheese Penne

Turkey Cutlets

Making a Thanksgiving dinner for a couple is tricky, if you’re determined to make it a turkey dinner. I’ve done the roasted turkey breast a couple of times and want to try a rolled up and tied version, but honestly it’s still quite a mess and hassle on a day when there’s a lot of … More Turkey Cutlets